Paid Roads Blockchain Simulator


Truffle Dapp

Project information

This is DAPP (distributted application) working entirely on blockchain network. You must be connected to Ropsten network if you want to see tha simulation data. You can use Chrome + MetaMask for that.

Participants are: Drivers, Cars, Toll Booths, Toll Booths Operators and Regulator. This is not about visual look - this is about technology! This simulation is done based on: Solidity, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Javascript + jQuery, Webpack tools.

This simulator logs are turned ON, so if you are interested, you can look at console.



This function can be used only by owner, to create new Toll Booth Operator.

This method can be use only by Regulator owner, to register vehicles, so we can be sure of vehicle type.
Vehicle Enter The Road
If you have registred vehicle, here is the place where you can PLAY!
Provide vehicle address that is registered in the system
Set deposit value - minimum value will be calculated for you when you enter the field.
Deposit: minimum: _ wei
Provide a secret unique password. System will calculate a hash for your pass and hash will be save on blockchain. Than when you exit the road you will need to provide this pass, to validate yourself.
Provide entry booth address (double click on field, then click on one of the addresses in box 4.)
Exit The Road
Once you exit the road, you will provide you pass to the Booth, and Booth will open a "gate" for you so you can exit.
Registred Vehicle Types
All registered vehicles.
    Booth Operators
    List of all operators with basic amount of deposit required to enter the road.
      Toll Booths
      List of all booths addresses, where you can enter and exit road.
        List of available wallet accounts.
          entryBooth - exitBooth : priceWeis
          Road map prices
            newest TollBoothOperator
            All this operations are only for owner.


            Types Multipliers
            Base price for a road times multiplier for vehicle type = price you will pay for a road.